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University and graduate studies

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Research projects

Research team member of the projects:
  1. Improved wind energy assessment based on coupled wind, terrain and vegetation modeling (PI of the Romanian team); Joint Research Project, Romanian-Swiss Research Programme (2013-2015); Swiss PI: Prof. Fernando Porte-Agel.
  2. Development and implementation of an algorithm for landscape assessment and prognosis. Application to the mountainous and subcarpathian sector of the Prahova Valley, CNCSIS. Project manager: Prof. I. Patru-Stupariu.
  3. Riemannian geometry and applications , CEEX. Project manager: Prof. I. Mihai.
  4. Riemann spaces invariants and applications, CNCSIS (National University Research Council, Romania). Project manager: Prof. I. Mihai.
  5. Project Complex Geometry, Swiss National Foundation. Project manager: Prof. Ch. Okonek.
  6. Project EAGER (European algebraic geometry research and training network), IHP Research Network.

Organizational activities

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