Selected publications

    A. Research Articles


  1. Positivity of LCK potential (in collaboration with Misha Verbitsky).

  2. Embedding of LCK manifolds with potential into Hopf manifolds using Riesz-Schauder theorem (in collaboration with Misha Verbitsky). To appear in the proceedings of the "INdAM Meeting Complex and Symplectic Geometry" held in Cortona 2016.

  3. The spectral sequence of the canonical foliation of a Vaisman manifold (in collaboration with Vladimir Slesar).

  4. Hopf surfaces in locally conformally Kaehler manifolds with potential (in collaboration with Misha Verbitsky).

  5. Weighted Bott-Chern and Dolbeault cohomology for LCK manifolds with potential (in collaboration with Misha Verbitsky and Victor Vuletescu). To appear in J. Math. Soc. Japan.

  6. Homogeneous locally conformally Kaehler manifolds (in collaboration with Andrei Moroianu) arXiv:1311.0671

    Published papers

  7. Basic Morse-Novikov cohomology for foliations (in collaboration with Vladimir Slesar), Mathematische Zeitschrift 284 (2016), no. 1-2, 469-489.

  8. LCK rank of locally conformally Kaehler manifolds with potential (in collaboration with Misha Verbitsky). J. Geom. Physics. 107 (2016), 92-98.

  9. Locally conformally Kaehler metrics obtained from pseudoconvex shells (in collaboration with Misha Verbitsky) Proceedings Amer. Math. Soc. 144 (2016), 325-335.

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    B. Monographs

  73. Locally conformal Kaehler geometry, Progress in Mathematics 155, Birkhauser, 1998 (in collaboration with Sorin Dragomir).

  74. C. Textbooks

  75. Differentiable curves and surfaces. A problem book (in Romanian), Univ. of Bucharest Publ. House, 1995.

  76. An introduction in geometry (in Romanian, in collaboration with A. Turtoi), Theta Foundation Publ. House, 2000. 2nd edition: 2011.

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